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Yakkity Yak Children's Arty Parties have started up locally in South Devon. Run by Karen Pearson, Yakkity Yak offers a high quality party alternative that's a lot of fun and based on great arty ideas. We organise and run two hour themed Arty Parties for children between the ages of 4 and 14 years old. There are lots of different themes, but if your child is mad keen on something, we will design a one-off Arty Party around that! Our parties are packed full of themed art and activity - there is always plenty going on!

When Karen relocated to Ashburton earlier this year, she was keen to build on the winning formula of the Arty Parties that she was running in Surrey. As a mum, Karen has built on her children's interests and party experiences. She has also spent time working with all ages of children and is qualified as a graphic designer.

A great party combination of art and design, a sense of fun, creativity and plenty of energy is now available in South Devon! Give us a call!!

Karen Pearson

Yakkity Yak
Telephone: 05600 760051
Email: yakkity-yak@btconnect.com